In order to get to Edmonton from my home province of Ontario, I had to road trip across the country and since it was my first time doing so I took some pictures of the highlights and would like to share them!

It was my first time driving across the Canada, after having crossed the USA multiple times. I would have to say that it was a completely different experience than the trip across the States for several reasons. First off, when driving on the I-80 in the USA, there are truck-stops, gas stations, hotels, and small towns scattered along the highway in a very high abundance. I would say the exact opposite for this trip, as there seems that the Canadian wilderness is much sparser when it comes to human life. I took the Trans-Canada highway across northern Ontario through the Sue, Wawa, and Thunder Bay. Here are some pictures from the Ontario section:

Haliburton, Ontario:

2012 09 01 10 23 33

The packed car with my UofWaterloo sticker:

2012 09 01 10 23 51

Lake Superior, was absolutely breath taking as the sun went down:

2012 09 01 20 13 05

The WORLD FAMOUS (not really) Wawa goose:

2012 09 02 08 25 02

The Husky Muskee in Kenora, Ontario:

2012 09 03 08 51 43

The Terry Fox monument commemorating his journey and where he finally collapsed on his trip across Canada, just outside of Thunder Bay:

2012 09 02 13 48 13

And goodbye Ontario:

2012 09 03 09 43 03


I had never visited Northern Ontario before, but I wish to soon go back as it is an incredibly beautiful place!

And now for the province signs as I finish the second half of the trip through the flattest provinces known to mankind:

2012 09 03 09 41 13

2012 09 03 15 34 09

2012 09 04 12 24 17

I made it alive:

2012 09 04 22 56 12






Startup – Week 1

Hey there,

So you are new to the scene, you want to start a company, and all you have is a computer and enthusiasm to start finding information on how to do it. It’s tough being in the startup scene and not starting an online based company nowadays as it seems all resources and readily available literature is mostly surrounded on the methodology of starting the next But all is not lost:

The first step is to realize that startup methods applied to online based companies can also be applied directly to every other startup company as long as you take sometime to tweak the info and adjust it to your needs. Several references that I have found my self reading and enjoying have been the following:

The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses (Eric Ries)

Take some lessons on how to get through the boring things and focus on the important process of Build-Measure-Learn. Also can visit and see if there are any Lean Startup Meetups in your area. 

How to Argue: Powerfully, Persuasively, Positively (Jonathan Herring)

Every new Entrepreneur(unless you are classically trained as a Debator/Lawyer) should probably take some time looking into how to negotiate, whether that be for your seed-capital or your cellphone service.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen R. Covey)

I’ve found this book both highly enlightening due to its ability to point out things you thought you know but didn’t understand about yourself, as well as helping you to improve personally and professionally. 

So I’m still working on finishing these books, but so far each of them have been exciting and inspiring in different ways. I will be updating on insights and important information that I’ve garnered from these resources as I find them.