Camping Trip

Time for some more pictures!

I went to Blue Creek Campground outside of Banff, AB last weekend and truly enjoyed some very nice September scenery. The rivers were low as it was late in September, but the colour of the water was as spectacular as ever. Theres something to be said about the calmness of a quick moving river full of ice-cold glacier run-off. Here are some of the best pictures I have to share: 

2012 09 29 16 52 03

2012 09 29 16 50 44

2012 09 29 16 20 12

2012 09 29 15 58 40

And then of course we find a lone cow in the middle of the road…only in Alberta:

2012 09 29 15 15 43

And then of course, nothing like a nice campfire to wrap up a beautiful day:

2012 09 29 23 10 42





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