In order to get to Edmonton from my home province of Ontario, I had to road trip across the country and since it was my first time doing so I took some pictures of the highlights and would like to share them!

It was my first time driving across the Canada, after having crossed the USA multiple times. I would have to say that it was a completely different experience than the trip across the States for several reasons. First off, when driving on the I-80 in the USA, there are truck-stops, gas stations, hotels, and small towns scattered along the highway in a very high abundance. I would say the exact opposite for this trip, as there seems that the Canadian wilderness is much sparser when it comes to human life. I took the Trans-Canada highway across northern Ontario through the Sue, Wawa, and Thunder Bay. Here are some pictures from the Ontario section:

Haliburton, Ontario:

2012 09 01 10 23 33

The packed car with my UofWaterloo sticker:

2012 09 01 10 23 51

Lake Superior, was absolutely breath taking as the sun went down:

2012 09 01 20 13 05

The WORLD FAMOUS (not really) Wawa goose:

2012 09 02 08 25 02

The Husky Muskee in Kenora, Ontario:

2012 09 03 08 51 43

The Terry Fox monument commemorating his journey and where he finally collapsed on his trip across Canada, just outside of Thunder Bay:

2012 09 02 13 48 13

And goodbye Ontario:

2012 09 03 09 43 03


I had never visited Northern Ontario before, but I wish to soon go back as it is an incredibly beautiful place!

And now for the province signs as I finish the second half of the trip through the flattest provinces known to mankind:

2012 09 03 09 41 13

2012 09 03 15 34 09

2012 09 04 12 24 17

I made it alive:

2012 09 04 22 56 12






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